Friday, March 20, 2009

Dr. Baggage & Taxidermy footwear

Why? And Where?? Would you wear $42,000 shoes?? Practical in these tulmultuous times, perfect for bird-watching, as those are real birds with crystals on their heads. These would be perfect for a Marie Antionette themed party, in Dubai.

A seemingly nice Dr. from the west coast contacted me on Thus far he's normal, he will be in the area in a couple weeks, we talked on the phone. He seems nice

On New Years Day, 2002 I had a very painful breakup with a MD who split his time between London and NYC. He is an entitled prick who knows exactly how to say the right things, in the beginning he even did the right things but it desegregated into him being too busy to ever do anything other than sexy-fun-time. Eventually he said the wrong things, in the wrong way. He's not one of the exes I keep in touch with, although I do think of him often, for years I could not go to the West Village because it had ghosts of me with him. This new guy is saying all the right things, so I am suspicious.

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  1. Bravo for you for carrying on despite jaded memories past. I can understand how that feels. I am new to your blog and I enjoy reading about your adventures. Thank you kindly for the entertaining read.


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