Friday, May 22, 2009

A plug and a new position

Some site called LifeKink let some idiot do viral marketing in the form of spammed comment posts, I just want to make my readership aware that canned meat interests me very little.

What they want is a plug, but I'm not recommending registering for their spammy site. I'm just giving them a plug.

I was thinking of auditioning a web slave to manage my collarme, there seem to be a few real people but I'm bombarded with angry messages from pervs who just can't over the fact that I'm not out there looking to stick my feet in every hungry mouth. A submissive blogger might be a good fit, as long as he respects that my account is not his fodder. I think it would be an invaluable experience for any sub. The most important quality I seek in a submissive is the ability to self-direct. You should be better than lifekink's submissive spambot.

I have a friend visiting this weekend, I will be on niteflirt more than usual.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cuck season

Right now is the perfect time for a cuck - I have the time for one. When I am dating I do more fun girly stuff, I wear more dresses. I get my nails done more often. The definition of cuckold gets confusing for people who watch too much porn, in real life it's not all about hotwives and black studs. When I have looked for cucks in the past I get an influx of hotwife seekers who are dissapointed that I have other prospects, they keep looking for that ideal girl who thinks (and looks) exactly like his favorite porn. These are the people who respond every time I post, some have been searching for years. There are allot of subs out there who are just like that girl who is so desperate to get married that she scares the boys away. It's a safe assumption that most single girls want to get married, someday so please, internet submissives - stop mentioning nuptuals in initial emails, it's unbecoming.

My first exposure to the term Cuckold was in reading the Moliere play Sganarelle as a teenager, if you can get through this translation you'll find it full of situational humor at the expense of a husband who imagines his wife to be having an affair after he sees her admiring a necklace that he did not give her. The work of Moliere is proof that cuckolding is historially more mental than physical.

I've written a bit about my past cuck so I know he exists, and while I have high standards I do not expect diamonds. Shrek has not given me any presents, you don't see me complaining about that. He has other things to offer, impeccable manners for example. I'm not expecting every man to know exactly how long to stand when I get up or shower me in gifts but he does need to bring something to the table.

A cuck can be someone older, I already have a primary romantic interest so I don't need to be quite so picky. There is no ring on my finger, I am not ruling out other prospective boyfriends - yet. Given my history of serial monogamy, I am aiming to date other people before making a commitment this time. People travel so much during the summer, I don't want to tie myself to a person who is not even around.

So, what does a cuck do? You tell me. I could rattle off a list of things that would make my summer run smoother, but why should I have to do that? If someone is going to be my cuck, he will need to think for himself. he realizes my bar is set high, and his aim is higher. he requires no supervision and never, ever elicits punishment. This is the biggest mistake subs make! A poor demonstration of servitude demonstrates incompetence, and no one wants an incompetent slave.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tall & Polite

I've been on a couple dates with someone new, I think this one may be a keeper.

He's polite, and he has an ease about it. Many subs learn a few tricks, they show up with flowers and pull out chairs but they miss the mark on doors and coats. The motions can come off as jerky and foreign, like - for example, when a 6'2" guy stands when you leave the table, then hovers around wondering when he is supposed to sit back down. This didn't happen! But wait, I am ahead of myself. Lets start at the beginning. I noticed him on the online personal site where I have a vaguely dominant ad. After I made the first wink, he made a plan to get drinks. He suggested a charming venue with no prompting, then another one slightly closer to my apartment with minimal direction.

For my part, I made significantly more effort than I have made for previous first dates. I wore a dress, a new dress. I recently did a shopping spree at a national chain for teens with the focus of finding date dresses. The theory is that men are attracted to bright colors and lots of skin, I got a few floral numbers, if men are bees they can see my nectar. I feel like I am going to the prom every time I have a date, but it's fun. The dress means I'm not going to shirk on my hair or makeup, and when you are out with a guy ten inches taller than you good hair counts

First date - I wore a floral chiffon with boots, his first inadvertent admission of submissiveness was enthusiastically proclaiming "nice boots!". We met for a glass of wine at a newer spot in my neighborhood. so he both took me someplace I never went before and made it convenient. When I got up from the table he stood, then leaned on the bar chatting with the sommelier and scrolling through messages on his phone. It was effortless. His second submissive clue was telling me that his mother is "very dominant" very good! We got to the food part and joked about role reversal when he ordered the salad and I had something more substantial. Somewhere in the second glass of wine he grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and announced "I really like you." It was a bold gesture - a week later, I am still impressed.

Oh, but I skipped an important detail - I made a date with the guy who thought about it before he sent me an email on collarme, we had changed days and he had not confirmed the new date. His answers to my vague questions were too general to get any clear idea of who I would be meeting and it turns out he lives in NJ even though his profile says NY - and he doesn't even work in the city. I've had bad luck with jersey subs, so when this new guy asked me to have a drink the same night I accepted and changed unconfirmed collarme date to the following day.

After drinks I allowed him to walk me home, it was a nice night so we sat in my courtyard garden. I do a bit of gardening, and he was quite impressed with my efforts. Sometimes older men give pearls of wisdom, I once showed an older man who had a submissive crush on me my garden and he went on and on about how special it is (it is quite ornate, with fish ponds and a fairy house). This man somehow impressed upon me that any man who truly appreciates me, will appreciate this garden. It was one of those things you file away until someone brings it up. My tall date (we'll call him shrek) was blown away by my garden, he grew up in the city but somehow never spent any time in the hundreds of city gardens maintained by residents.

I was ultra-smiley the next day and cancelled my collarme date, neither cancelling nor smiling are acts I engage in with any frequency. For our second date, I wore a strapless dress with slingback heels. I didn't mind that he was late (hello, have we met?). He commutes out of the city for work and sent a carefully worded text explaining that why would be late. I had time for a quick manicure. At dinner he noticed my hands (perfect, like my feet) and asked my why I don't wear rings. Our legs were intertwined under the table the entire meal. There is a good nervousness with him, like being really excited about going home after a fun but tiresome trip. The only akward moment was in defining expectations, he said things went wrong with an ex after she wanted to move in togather. He was pretty clear about not wanting to move too fast, but conceded that if it felt right he would take that step.

I don't want to be the tick-tock girl, but I tend to get involved with people for two years at a time. I'm in my early 30's now, in another few years I will be in my mid 30's and I don't want to find myself online dating again at 37. I've never been good at keeping a schedule, but I hear other women talk about dating schedules. I'm pretty sure witholding sex is part of the equation too and call me crazy but I like my orgasms. That part is going to be difficult, last night making out got very gropey and I liked it. I guess you are supposed to date other people until you get a commitment, and I don't want to do that. I'm not even checking my online dating accounts.

Oral just isn't the same thing. I like penetration and I don't want to introduce a bunch of toys to a new relationship. Dominance, for me, is more about the minutia of daily life than sexual posturing. My most serious relationships were intended as one-night-stands, and I don't think thats good but here is the crux of it; if I make a guy wait that mean I like him, so the longer I wait the more I like him, as the stakes get higher I get more nervous, I drive myself crazy whilst trying to do the same to him.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The State of the Industry

I'm taking a much-needed mental health day from my day job, I'm on niteflirt for a rare weekday afternoon.

It's been a year since I did a session, it's been years since I have been seeing subs reguarly, many years. A few steadies contact me from time to time and I would see them in a sweet little rental space I first visited for a foot fetish party circa 2002.

The space was home-away-from-home to a collective of indie ProDommes. For a dungeon, it's surprisingly warm. There were cats lolling around, and because everyone handles her own business, there was no competition. Best of all, it's owned and run by woman. I was there almost a year ago to date, May 08 and everyone was buzzing about the fetish raids that have totally changed the NYC fetish industry. I started the job I am at now, and as usual don't have much contact with the fetish scene. I heard about the raids from a girl at the collective space when I did my session, I do remember hearing something about the foot fetish parties getting broken up but that was bound to happen, I saw illegal drug use happening at those parties and they were getting too popular. Non-footfetishists were showing up to check out the girls. Apparently, it's the end of an era in NYC fetish. I just did a web search on "dungeon busts nyc" and found this I had no idea Rapture took a hit, I had never visted but heard it was an awesome woman-owned space.

Someone contacted me about a session, I called -no answer, then emailed the collective for a rental and got an email back saying they "have not done rentals for some time". I'm crushed, I loved going to the collective. The cats, the girls, the soho location that begged a bauble for me after every session. The shady diner that served pancakes all day across the street. That crappy elevator. The pearls or wisdom and unsubtle humor from older Dommes, "The best thing about a sissy, is you KNOW he's going to want a buttfucking eventually". Overheard at the dungeon could be its own blog.

Twards the end of last year I correponded with a D/s lifestyle couple who have a dungeon in their apartment, and live in my neighborhood. The boy end of the couple is always who emails me, and he's quite fourthcoming with the photos, in fact, he send sme photos of their switchy bondage parties with everyones face included and really, really wants to be facebook buddies. I as a rule will not attend any fetish event that does not specifically forbid photography, and I don't add anyone I know from the fetish scene on facebook. I've had about a dozen emails from this guy, where he dumps a dozen hi-rez images into my inbox and then tells me to feel free to ad him on myspace and the ever-familiar "I'd like to see who I am talking to". I had to explain, explicitly that I am seeking to rent space, not to join a social scene and asked that he please not be offended that I don't want to be facebook buddies, I just want to do business. There is an unspoken rule in BDSM that we do not use or distribute our real name, and I get a sinking suspicion that he's angling at that - he keeps sending me invites from his real-name facebook account.

As a result, I'm not even excited about the prospect of a session. I've got this other guy to manage, and he clearly wants something from me. I show up for my sessions with a gym bag, and get ready at my rental space. I'm not at all interested in having some fetishy dude observe my transformation, and another unspoken rule is that you make sure your sub does not have contact with other males - I don't know how to broach this with him. The energy in male-owned dungeons in frenetic, without an alpha female defining the direction of things it gets funny. Bottom line he has added another element to my session, and taken the fun out. Rather than focusing on what to wear, and what I need to prepare for my session I have to worry about managing this person who I am also paying.

Any ladies out there have a spare dungeon to rent?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a bunch of idiots.

I was thinking about posting my blog on collarme, but that would be asking for more of this...

These are actual emails from collarme, I've removed personal info - other than that, these are exactly as sent.

Hi Thomas here, I listened to you. I am a pro teacher of science, personal trainer. Italian, 6; 200, boxing coach. Hi do you want free sessions in boxing? Also, a trained masseus and a codependent who loves to see others happy, which makes me happy. 5 years in the scene without a Domme though. Can u be the one. I think I am worth it. I can add emotional, social, mental and physical attributes to the relationship. IM is *****

Right, what every Domme wants, a massage from an codependent guido IM buddy with too much testosterone.

I am over fourty so I am not the right guy for you, I guess, but you are over thirty so you are not the right gal for me. Although I am submissive I dont usually bend over for anybody, so you will tell me what kind of submissive i am, well I am sub with an attitude, this will be a challenge for you...we will not meet most possibly, perhaps you will block me, but I will overcome. Your pic is sexy though. Cheers

I don't even know where to start with this, except to say that although I had subs in my 20's - it wasn't a lifestyle, it was something I tried out. Men who seek out women more than 10 years younger than themselves are damaged, there might be a few who want kids - these are the widows and divorcees. 99.99% prefer the company of someone who will let him drive, it takes a girl in her 20's a bit of to realize a guy is an asshole (and that little bit of time is probably what this pud calls a relationship)
Lucky for me, by the 30's they just come right out and tell you.

I think it's time to delete my collarme profile, I'll have dinner with the one who thought about it before he mailed Thursday but I don't have high expectations. Recent conversations with the Dr. (also from collame) have let me to believe that while he has a invested interest in D/s he is not ready to serve. He's into like people are into scuba diving, for weekends and holidays.

Breaking in a sub who has his own idea of the definition of "submissive" is far more complicated then just teaching a guy to serve with the simple technique of rewarding him with for good behavior, for most guys - simple letting them know you are happy is reward enough. Just a smile should suffice.

To me, servitude starts with the mundane - opening doors, being mindful of my time, and privacy, knowing how I like my coffee and being happy to serve it to me. It's not a barganing tool, if you are buying me dinner in the hopes of cleaning my apartment - thats not going to work.