Thursday, July 9, 2009

Calls I don't do.

I had two back to back ridiculous wanker foot fantasy calls yesterday, the first told me a friend left her high heels shoes in his car (how did that happen?!?) and wanted me to indulge him in a fantasy wherein she discovers that he wanked in her shoe, what a dreamboat! The second wanted to wank in my stockings, both guys got a big fat dialtone.

I don't do wank calls, the site I use is not "phonesex" they define our role as Advisor. I give advise, and I don't advise dropping a load in someone elses personal property. I advise subs to be the best they can be, I told the shoe-finder to get his friend some new shoes, he was young and could learn. Stocking guys are generally older, if someone has been doing ther fetish routine for 10 years or more they probably are not interested in mixing it up. If someone calls me already in the process of jerking off, I hang up without giving them fodder. I have mostly repeat callers who I enjoy chatting with, we have real conversations. If someone insists on driving and the destination is jerking off, I'm not interested in retaining them.

People say that it must be really weird to have horny guys calling me all day, but how different is it than working in say.... marketing, my first marketing job was in a tech company, most employees looked like trolls, but somehow everyone in my department was tall, blond and perfect-looking. My boss would insist we had lunch together, sit too close to me and - several years later, makes odd comments about facebook pictures. I can honestly say that my regular callers are far more polite than the average leering guy in your office. I'd say the biggest difference is that the phone doesn't pay for my health insurance.

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