Friday, June 26, 2009

Why I hide

I got a response to a recent Craig's List ad (cryptically written, of course) asking in less than 5 words if I am the author of this blog. I see this as cyberstalking, as someone was clearly trying to match up the two profiles and identify me via email.

I don't want to be cyberstalked. I get a few calls on niteflirt from this blog, but not enough to make that kind of risk even kinda worth it.... unless, I started using this blog to promote my niteflirt listings. If there are risks, or even annoyances associated with writing here, I just won't do it unless there is a clear benefit.

Some subs subs seem to think there two kinds of Dommes, Pro and Real. I don't see myself as a pro, even when I was taking sessions regularly it did not pay my rent. The truth is, it's easier to find someone to session with than it is to find a real-life play partner. For a session, I'll see that annoying sales guy, because when he shows up and pays $300 for playtime, he's going to shut his mouth and enjoy what he's getting rather than running it at me about all the sessions he has done in the past then being dissapointed that someone he met once isn't willing to bring him into her home so he could sit on my floor and pout about the quality time with me feet he didn't earn.

Real girls get tired of giving away more than their thoughts, when people try to take our autonomy - and possibly our safety, we stop blogging. If we are smart, we might start charge, we might even go after your autonomy, cyberstalking is a two way street. I'm a Domme, I teach lessons - I am not stepping out of my role at all by exposing this person . After all, being exposed as a sub is the ultimate fantasy for some subs, if it's not yours - don't try to expose me.

The juicier bits of my blog will be password protected soon. Access may be free to you if you are an interesting blogger and/or a dominant female. Submissive males may earn access through servitude or tribute on niteflirt. Three calls of 5 minutes or more with written feedback will earn you the password, alternatively you may send a payment mail of $25 for one months access.

Don't like it? you can thank this guy directly at

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  1. That totally sucks!! Very invasive, unfair, and so unnecessary.

    True your observation about "pay to play" being easier than finding a connection with a play partner. Finding a real connection around pay is hard enough.

    Sorry you're going through this. I like reading you.


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