Friday, May 22, 2009

A plug and a new position

Some site called LifeKink let some idiot do viral marketing in the form of spammed comment posts, I just want to make my readership aware that canned meat interests me very little.

What they want is a plug, but I'm not recommending registering for their spammy site. I'm just giving them a plug.

I was thinking of auditioning a web slave to manage my collarme, there seem to be a few real people but I'm bombarded with angry messages from pervs who just can't over the fact that I'm not out there looking to stick my feet in every hungry mouth. A submissive blogger might be a good fit, as long as he respects that my account is not his fodder. I think it would be an invaluable experience for any sub. The most important quality I seek in a submissive is the ability to self-direct. You should be better than lifekink's submissive spambot.

I have a friend visiting this weekend, I will be on niteflirt more than usual.

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