Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cuck season

Right now is the perfect time for a cuck - I have the time for one. When I am dating I do more fun girly stuff, I wear more dresses. I get my nails done more often. The definition of cuckold gets confusing for people who watch too much porn, in real life it's not all about hotwives and black studs. When I have looked for cucks in the past I get an influx of hotwife seekers who are dissapointed that I have other prospects, they keep looking for that ideal girl who thinks (and looks) exactly like his favorite porn. These are the people who respond every time I post, some have been searching for years. There are allot of subs out there who are just like that girl who is so desperate to get married that she scares the boys away. It's a safe assumption that most single girls want to get married, someday so please, internet submissives - stop mentioning nuptuals in initial emails, it's unbecoming.

My first exposure to the term Cuckold was in reading the Moliere play Sganarelle as a teenager, if you can get through this translation you'll find it full of situational humor at the expense of a husband who imagines his wife to be having an affair after he sees her admiring a necklace that he did not give her. The work of Moliere is proof that cuckolding is historially more mental than physical.

I've written a bit about my past cuck so I know he exists, and while I have high standards I do not expect diamonds. Shrek has not given me any presents, you don't see me complaining about that. He has other things to offer, impeccable manners for example. I'm not expecting every man to know exactly how long to stand when I get up or shower me in gifts but he does need to bring something to the table.

A cuck can be someone older, I already have a primary romantic interest so I don't need to be quite so picky. There is no ring on my finger, I am not ruling out other prospective boyfriends - yet. Given my history of serial monogamy, I am aiming to date other people before making a commitment this time. People travel so much during the summer, I don't want to tie myself to a person who is not even around.

So, what does a cuck do? You tell me. I could rattle off a list of things that would make my summer run smoother, but why should I have to do that? If someone is going to be my cuck, he will need to think for himself. he realizes my bar is set high, and his aim is higher. he requires no supervision and never, ever elicits punishment. This is the biggest mistake subs make! A poor demonstration of servitude demonstrates incompetence, and no one wants an incompetent slave.

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