Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a bunch of idiots.

I was thinking about posting my blog on collarme, but that would be asking for more of this...

These are actual emails from collarme, I've removed personal info - other than that, these are exactly as sent.

Hi Thomas here, I listened to you. I am a pro teacher of science, personal trainer. Italian, 6; 200, boxing coach. Hi do you want free sessions in boxing? Also, a trained masseus and a codependent who loves to see others happy, which makes me happy. 5 years in the scene without a Domme though. Can u be the one. I think I am worth it. I can add emotional, social, mental and physical attributes to the relationship. IM is *****

Right, what every Domme wants, a massage from an codependent guido IM buddy with too much testosterone.

I am over fourty so I am not the right guy for you, I guess, but you are over thirty so you are not the right gal for me. Although I am submissive I dont usually bend over for anybody, so you will tell me what kind of submissive i am, well I am sub with an attitude, this will be a challenge for you...we will not meet most possibly, perhaps you will block me, but I will overcome. Your pic is sexy though. Cheers

I don't even know where to start with this, except to say that although I had subs in my 20's - it wasn't a lifestyle, it was something I tried out. Men who seek out women more than 10 years younger than themselves are damaged, there might be a few who want kids - these are the widows and divorcees. 99.99% prefer the company of someone who will let him drive, it takes a girl in her 20's a bit of to realize a guy is an asshole (and that little bit of time is probably what this pud calls a relationship)
Lucky for me, by the 30's they just come right out and tell you.

I think it's time to delete my collarme profile, I'll have dinner with the one who thought about it before he mailed Thursday but I don't have high expectations. Recent conversations with the Dr. (also from collame) have let me to believe that while he has a invested interest in D/s he is not ready to serve. He's into like people are into scuba diving, for weekends and holidays.

Breaking in a sub who has his own idea of the definition of "submissive" is far more complicated then just teaching a guy to serve with the simple technique of rewarding him with for good behavior, for most guys - simple letting them know you are happy is reward enough. Just a smile should suffice.

To me, servitude starts with the mundane - opening doors, being mindful of my time, and privacy, knowing how I like my coffee and being happy to serve it to me. It's not a barganing tool, if you are buying me dinner in the hopes of cleaning my apartment - thats not going to work.

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