Friday, February 6, 2009

Greeting and Degregations

Hello boys and Girls. I'm Princess Caitlin, the cruel hipster next door (if you happen to live in lower Manhattan). It's February and I am feeling very cold, I've been seeking my idea sub/cuck - with little success. I'm probably looking in the wrong place (craigslist) but thats mostly because it's convenient and can post/search from work without raising any red flags.

Years ago (2004) I did a brief stint as a ProDomme, I was in school and a friend brought me along to one of the now-defunct FootWorshipParties. Initially, the FootWorship scene was fun and fresh, the guys were happy that someone could address their fetish and were willing to do anything for a chance to be at My feet. Very quickly, over a matter of months, the parties because over-crowded, many slaves stopped acting the part, and I left the parties for good. Subsequently I have seen a surge of FootFetish imagery in advertising, and in mainstream porn. This has not been good for the little men who love feet, they see two airbrushed co-eds sucking each others feet on the pages of maxim and think that kind of shit really happens. News flash - it only happens in porn.

The mainstreaming of foot fetish has lead me to broaden my horizons, for me, D/s is about one person being forced out of his comfort zone - to please or amuse the other. Foot worship is not degrading enough, it's too much fun for the submissive. What really boggles me about foot fetishists is how little they know about feet in general - the spine is mapped in the arch of the foot, someone who really knows what he is doing could relax your whole body with a quality foot rub, sadly - most simply do not know what they are doing.

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