Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sustainable Kink

Been mulling this over for a few days....

Most of my D/s relationships have been on the casual end of the spectrum, that may be largely due to the fact that I have kept this part of my life as my little secret, something that can be locked in a box and pushed under the bed when I'm not using it. Part of this is also how I meet my subs, craigslist is not a high commitment website. Most of the guys I meet want to keep that experience in a box, they contact me when they want to scratch that itch. Because I'm not dating my subs, I can use a man who is too old or unappealing for boyfriend purposes.

Submissive men have no mystery, no challenge. Years ago I had a submissive boyfriend, but I was honestly too young and inexperienced to know what that really meant. In more recent years sub males have been my playthings, my punching bags, my muses, my secret cheering section.

Now that I have met a charming young sub that makes my tummy flutter, I am wondering - do we have the foundation for sustainable relationship? We did meet on a kink site, but we did not meet up for "play time". We met for lunch. He's not someone who call himself a sub, but I don't call myself a Domme in my daily life. Everything seems to match up, or is this something we'll want to box up in a few months?

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