Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Rules

Kate Webb has an interesting blog, I am looking forward to reading more from her. Like me, Kate is a "vanilla" girl by day, and her partner is just a normal guy (not a floorlicker or a sissymaid). I've been chatting with Kate, talking bout what makes a good slave and the irony in the fact that most men who identify as submissive lack basic manners.

Kate makes a great analogy here to regular old dating,"We have something men want. This gives us incredible power over them. Any woman who has been on a first date understands this. The men bend over backwards to please our doors, bring us gifts, listen to our conversations, buy the expensive wine, and whip out their amex cards and pay for everything."

Thats how a normal, Alpha male behaves on a first date. The average internet submissive wants to come on over and sit at your feet, if he's feeling especially formal - maybe coffee. How ironic that the pigs of our society are more adept at Goddess Worshipers than those obsessed with the idea of it. Oh, the irony...

Years ago, a book called The Rules was popular. It preached the stuff your Mom and Grandma always told you to do, or more specifically - not to do. It's in-depth instructions on how not to put out. Ever.

Real, lifestyle Dommes are Rules Girls.

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