Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doing all the thinking

So much has happened this week. The phone has been lighting up with legwear inspired calls. I finally met the Dr. and I wore stockings.

I made a strategy decision, I've been dating both "vanilla" men and overgrown toddlers who identify as submissive. Toddlers are annoying, messy and generally a lot of work, can you guess what my new strategy is?

I don't see a Female Led relationship as one where the woman makes every decision, that would mean she does all the thinking. I'm finding that men who identify as submissive are expectedly ill-socialized, and thats OK but read they could a book on how to date or something, The dozen emails back and fourth to tie down a first meeting are so irritating that often the meeting never happens. it's a general lack of manners, a lack of respect for my time and efforts. Regular 'ol vanilla guys do whatever it takes to pave that road to the bedroom nice and smooth.

The Dr. is really great, I just wish there was an alpha bone in his body. It's clear that if there is to be a next meeting, I'll be doing all the arranging, and I did all of that for our first date.

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  1. You needn't do all the arranging. For example, my wife told me she wanted a vacation. I had to present her with a few different ideas and then go from there. I'd check in now and again and we'd discuss options. I did the work, she made the final decisions. Both of us were happy. Tell Dr., in general terms, what you want to do on the date, type of food and let him go from there. Just tell him the level of input you'd like. I'm sure he'll be quite happy doing all the work.


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