Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I like sex.

I'm not sure how some of you ladies you it, er.... don't do it. I just love a good 'ol humpin.

Being a cuckstress I often want it with not my primary, but guess what - springs sprung and I don't have one. What I do have is a telephone/email romance with a Dr. in California (who I will meet in about 10 days) and a troll. So, I am going to have sex with the troll but I don't want to get all weird about it. We have a date Tomorrow.

I have'nt had sex with anyone other than my ex-boyfriend in almost 2 years. Wow, I just realized I am totally why guys get frustrated with online dating. Despite not putting out I've been on oh, a dozen dates this year. Granted, I have done so much making out that I am lucky not to have oral herpes, and I've messed around a bit. I've not met anyone sex-worthy, they are all flakey and Jerseyish.

The troll has gone down on me for hours and taken quite a bit of abuse. He makes me feel so giddy, I could not fall asleep at his place and left in the middle of the night. That little trick always drives the boys crazy, usually I just can't sleep - or maybe it's a weeknight. This time my boss will be out the next day... so I can sneak in late.

Even though it's been awhile, I wish he was bigger.

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