Wednesday, March 4, 2009

10 things about me

Inspired by a popular facebook note, where users post 25 things that other people don't know about them. When you post, it's your chance to "tag" other users, I'm bending the rules here and only posting ten things, and I am tagging Kate and Irina

1) I have never seen the inside of a gym

2) I can still fit into my high school cheerleading uniform, my first modeling job (in my mid-20's) was Jr's clothing.

3) I'm a Charlotte, although I have worked $300 shoes with $10 dresses I am not a Carrie. My closet overfloweth, and I do write this from my mac laptop, in the big apple but at my core - I am a suburban girl. I don't sleep around, I don't carry condoms in my purse, I believe in true love, traditional values, family life and the locked C's of Chanel.

4) I'm a big fan of pajamas, robes, slippers and such. NYC is a walking city, and often what I wear in my daily life is not terribly comfortable. As soon as I get home, I take that shit off. I do not, however wear my pajamas outside, ever.

5) I shop at the gap, I'm a lover of fashion - and I tend to like bold pieces, so this is a shocker to some but, my basics are often very basic. Comfy too.

6) I can cook, I'm actually quite domestic. I can sew too. Martha Stewart is a Dominant Diva (see 7)

7) The women who have inspired my dominant nature have been, for the most part - mothers of people I knew growing up, including my own.

5) I am not a force to be fucked with

9) I'm double jointed almost everywhere, I can get into some crazy yoga positions, but - because I have been lazy about my yoga practice this year (I have gone to class exactly once) I cannot, at present, touch my perfect toes (without being my knees)

10) I am from a large family, maybe that has something to do with my dominant nature, too much sharing growing up.

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  1. Done. Check out my response after your comment in my post.


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