Monday, March 16, 2009

The Mondays of March

I'm sure I'm not the only one struggling to pull herself out of bed today, it's been a long winter and we are all a bit irritable. We are all spending a bit too much time on the internet (myself included). I'm not saying that my shitty date on Saturday had anything to do with me, in retrospect that person should not be dating. I should have screened more carefully, maybe I should have just seen him in a session - this person clearly has more experience on the pro end of things.

He's a business traveler, he seems to be gone 1/3 of the time or more. He has no time for a relationship, and has no business responding to a personal ad from someone seeking a long term relationship. He should just pay someone until he adjusts his priorities and makes it so he has something to offer.

Of course, guys catch all kinds of bad habits from pros. They expect that all dominant women always dress like we are getting paid hundreds of dollars to have playtime with a business traveler. Had I just had a session with him he would have made damn sure he was on time and didn't need a cab, I would have needed one because I would have been wearing my hot new heels. He would have bought me earrings, and I wouldn't even have to put up with his oogling while I made my selection. And best of all, we both would have had playtime.

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