Monday, March 9, 2009

My current ad on Craig's List

Title - Dominant Dater seeks Submissive Cuck - 29

Lets start with a disclaimer, this is not for everyone. If this is something you are interested in, please put a bit of time and effort into your response - if it's not your thing, or is something you are only curious about please do not waste my time and yours.

This is not something I am looking to try out once, I am seeking something ongoing. This is my second time posting, I posted about a month ago and some responses seemed promising, one even had all his hair but scheduling became an issue. Be clear in your response about your availability; you should have an evening or two a week to dedicate to ME. you should be single, something could develop. you should read the entire ad, maybe more than once, before you answer. DO NOT, tell me about your fetish - this is not about you, it's about what you can do for ME. DO NOT ask for more info about me until you have provided some about yourself.

This is NOT an invitation into my bedroom. Fantasies are just that, and my life is not your fantasy. If you want to fit into my life, you need to conform to my reality.

My reality is this, I am an active dater. I've been with submissive men, in California I lived with one for years, but I have found NYC subs to be too pathetic and demanding (not a good combo btw) to deal with on a serious level. I mostly date men of the tall dark and dominant variety, but I do miss my short, pathetic sub guys.


It's simple, really. get me ready for my dates. Draw baths, pick up dry cleaning. Arrange my hair and nail appointments, make sure I have clean and sexy lingerie and stockings, and if your really lucky, I'll let you keep dirty pair. Ideally, you can do this in your home - I am NOT seeking a "domestic slave" or "houseboy" - if you ask to serve in my home, you'll be marked as spam and all future emails will go to the spam folder where they will stay, unread.

To be perfectly clear - this is NOT about you indulgently sniffing my shoes. It's about ME, and what you can do to make MY dates and My life run more smoothly. The best fit would be a cuck with his own place in Manhattan, as I am a Manhattanite. If you not single or Manhattan based, think very carefully about what you can offer in this relationship before writing me. Speaking of fit, I am - very, but before you even ask for my picture, you will provide yours.

Proof of willingness to serve required, one line emails will be deleted, unread (thanks to the magic of gmail) and emails with pictures attached will be read before those with nothing attached.

This is NOT a cash arrangement I am not a "pro" looking for "roses". No, I have a totally different profession, but that does not make my stockings free to any curious, would-be stocking-sniffer. If you expect a response, be clear about whay you can do for ME.

Show ME how good you can be to ME if you want ME to take pity on your pathetic submissive self.

Has it been successful? No.

The best to come of it was a note from Kate Webb. In retrospect, I should have never mentioned stockings or baths, as there is no shortage of stocking sniffers who want to hang out in my bathroom. The sub who brought flowers was from this ad, he subsequently broke dates and won't be getting more. I get lots of email from married men who offer me nothing. Threating to mark the houseboys as spam did curb the usual influx of men who offer only that, I get the impression that boys only read what is interesting to them and ignore the rest of the ad.

The Pro's of craiglist is that it's easy, I can post or browse for work. The Con, everything there is used, much of it in bad condition. Because there is no commitment theres is a ton of bullshit.

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  1. I have a lot of good response from a couple ads on the free dating site Plenty of Fish. I have found a bull and a subbie handyman there.

    My suggestion is keep it short and direct 'cause you are right, men are impatient and only read the juicy bits. I have experimented with putting provocative comments at the end of ads and have discovered that only about one in three of the men responding had made it that far!


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